About Us


What started out as a whim became a passion and Mechanicsburg Crafters Retreat was born.  While enjoying a much needed scrapbooking weekend with a group of close friends I joked about starting my own retreat. Once back at home I tossed the idea to my husband and he said that if I thought I could make it work, then go for it.  Thus began the search for the perfect house.  During the spring of 2012 I toured many of the older, grander homes in and around the Mechanicsburg area, but non seemed quite right.  By chance I noticed a For Sale sign in front of what looked like a small house hidden behind the trees. To this day, I do not know what drew me to it but once inside I knew this was the one.  The house welcomed me with its original 1960's charm.  The large open living room was going to make the perfect craft room and the four spacious bedrooms would comfortable accommodate 9 guests.  We purchased the house in May of 2012 and then the hard work began.  

In getting the house ready to make the transformation from a single family home to a retreat, I spent many hours thinking about what I would want in a crafting retreat.  At the top of that list were comfortable chairs, good lighting and ample space.    A second full bath was added because we all know 9 women can get ready in one.   The best part of creating the retreat was scouring the consignment shops for 1960's era furnishings.   It is my hope that you have a fulfilling stay and  that you leave  loving the place as much as I do.

 When deciding on a name for the retreat I knew I wanted to honor my children; Maggie, Ryan and Carley.  So I began with their initials  M, R and C.  Looking back at it now you'd think Mechanicsburg Crafters Retreat would have been the first thing to pop into my mind but no.  It took a few days and help from friends but in the end this name perfectly serves both purposes of honoring my children and describing the house.  Thank you to all for your encouragement and support. 

Luxurious Rooms


 We offer spacious rooms with your comfort in mind.

Spacious Craft Room


 Well lit comfortable room with plenty of space to spread out. 



 Off Street parking for 9 vehicles